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A little more about us

So, what does Latino mean? In general, "Latino" is the shorthand word for the Spanish word Latino-Americano which refers to anyone born in or with ancestors from Latin America and living in the United States. “Latin cuisine” as its known in the US, refers to the distinctive foods created, served and enjoyed by Latinos which broadly includes varieties of dishes of Mexican, Caribbean, Brazilian and Argentinian origin and is considered to be the most popular food of foreign origin in the US.

There are thousands of places that offer Latin food however not all places are the same given the richness of the Latin culture; one can always expect to find a new location, a new regional variety, a new original dish previously unknown to US consumers. There is always a dish to enjoy from a country or sub region that we don’t know about; there will always be a historical find lost among old recipes and there will always be a dish which we would wish to eat again.

In our Latin food delivery experience, we have come to prove that our clients are seeking the most complete and pure expressions of Latin foods and that’s why we succeed on delivering the best.
Our loyal clients have expressed to us that our food is revealing, made with passion and full of forceful flavors making it unmistakably Latin.

All regions of the world have their own impressive and unique culinary history that sometimes transcend its own borders…so, what makes Latin cuisine so special..?
…well, dare to taste our delicious foods to experience the forceful Latin flavors of our dishes, then you´ll understand.

Our Amazing Team

Incredible talent and tradition! With over 10 years of experience that enables us to offer not only great food but professional and friendly customer service from taking your orders to speedy deliveries.

TocToc Latin Kitchen’s vision is to deliver premium delicious food and stress-free catering services with a wide range of dishes for events and office catering services including, Breakfast Catering, Working Lunches and Buffet Catering to name a few.

Our team is always ready to help and advice you on any queries you may have, be sure to call to discover more.

TocToc Latin Kitchen's History

For several years we have been making and serving our unique Arepas as a family business throughout events, concerts and farmer markets all over the South Florida area.

A dream that started in Venezuela, growing even bigger in the minds of founders Luis and Maria when they immigrated with their family to California in 2008 and 4 years later in 2012, TocToc began services in Southern Florida and has since become a staple of street foods in the greater Miami area.

During our trajectory, we have joined energies with our great friend of many years, Franco, who has a great passion for good food in addition to bringing his long experience in the restaurant business. Franco accompanies us by presenting our Street Food offer, via delivery, to all the places where our customers are, through our first two ghost kitchens located in Miami Beach and Wynwood, Miami.

In this way, our brand has evolved greatly becoming TocToc Latin Kitchen foods, having decided to expand our menu, offering new ingredients with which we fill our exclusive Arepas, now also available in bowls so that our customers can enjoy them in this presentation, with side dishes such as white rice, black beans and quinoa all combined on a bed of kale. We also have provocative appetizers that will be everyone's madness.

Each year we continue to grow at rates that would make any restaurant chain jealous, thanks to you and everyone that has decided to give our unique Arepas a shot.

From chorizo and bacon fillings to vegetable filled delicacies, we have loved every second of serving the community these delicious and gluten-free meals.
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